Beba Selimović

Izeta Beba Selimović is one of the most popular and best performers of the Sevdalinka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was born on 27.03.1939 in Trebinje.

At the age of four, she moved to Sarajevo where she also graduated from school. Her career began in 1957 at Radio Sarajevo, where she quickly became a well known figure.
She has been called “Lady of Sevdah” by some due to her serious and honourable appearance on stage, as well as within the music industry in general.
Her whole career has been dedicated to the original Sevdalinka and its originality.
without any modernization.

Many of her archived songs have been recorded on Radio Sarajevo.


She has often worked with Zaim Imamović, Zehra Deović, Nada Mamula, Safet Isović, Meho Puzić, who was a very close friend, as well as other Bosnian-Herzegovinian Sevdah performers and musicians.


She is the winner of the “Povelja Zlatne značke” RTVSA, “Oskar za životno djelo” (Tuzla 2008), as well as numerous other awards and prizes for her musical success and voluntary work in humanitarian concerts.


She was a member of the musical artists in BiH.

She died in Sarajevo on  10 March 2020.

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