6. June 2019

Embroidery from Zmijanje on UNESCO list, Sevdalinka still in procedure

Bosnia-Herzegovina has put the embroidery from Zmijanje on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, in the admission process is the harvest of Iva grass (mountain germander) on Mount Ozren, the wood carving from Konjic, Sevdalinka, as well as the days of hay harvest on Kupres, said the Minister of Civil Affairs BiH Adil Osmanović.
Before the meeting of experts from the Network for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Southeast Europe, Osmanović told journalists in Sarajevo...
6. July 2019

Tuzla: Sevdalinka deserves a place on the UNESCO list

The process of registering Sevdalinka on UNESCO's intangible heritage list has begun and a conference was held in Tuzla today. The activities on which the team of experts appointed by the Bosnian Commission after the nomination will work in the coming months were presented. In an effort to preserve the original form of the Sevdalinka and not to "desecrate" its interpretation by the arrangement and presentation, the Association of Musicians Tuzla has organised the Sevdalinka Festival since 2008.
(, 25.01.2018)
6. August 2019

Sevdalinka, the song we all inherit

Sevdalinka, as a traditional song that has been sung for centuries, is unique in the melodic and poetic sense and as such can be nominated for inclusion on UNESCO's list of immaterial world cultural heritage, according to experts. To achieve this, months of preparations are being made. The conference held in Tuzla under the title "Nomination of Sevdalinka for inclusion on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity"...
(Radio Slobodna Evropa, 03.02.2018)
14. April 2020

Nezavisne novine:
The population can help to get the Sevdalinka into UNESCO

BANJALUKA - Sevdalinka gave me peace and forced me to think more about poetry and what is most important, she gave me the opportunity to express myself emotionally. As if you always have another variation in reserve.
As if one has a place, a box, to be with oneself, free from any external influences, says Amira Medunjanin, one of the most famous Sevdalinka interpreters.
(Nezavisne novine / 14.04.2020)
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