Omer Pobrić

Omer Pobrić, born on 08 August 1945 in Tešanj. There he attended primary school and spent his childhood. He was a maestro of the Bosnian Sevdalinka on accordion and one of the most important composers of this genre.

He finished secondary school in IIlidža, near Sarajevo. In Sarajevo, he graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Biology and Chemistry.
His mother Zlata and brother Rušto taught him to love music. When asked when he started making music, he always answered, “I don’t know, I grew up with the harmonica in my mother’s lap”.

He was the initiator and director of the Sevdah Institute, which is located in Mulići/ Visoko, where he also lived. Almost 1,000 Sevdalinka songs are recorded in his books.
In 1977 he was the first winner of the Yugoslavian Music Prize. Two years later he founded the music studio Omega, where he worked as a producer, recording manager and composer.

He worked with the greatest Sevdah legends: Safet Isović, Himzo Polovina, Meho Puzić, Zaim Imamović and many others.

He died on 20 January 2010 during a car ride on the Sarajevo – Visoko route.

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