Ajdin Osmanović

Ajdin Osmanović, born on 16 June 2011 in Tuzla. Lives in Duboki Potok/Srebrenik.
He attends the seventh grade of the Duboki Potok comprehensive school, as well as the primary music school in Srebrenik.

Ajdin’s music teacher Jasmin Brašnjić discovered his musical talent during his first music lesson.

The boy with incredible musical skills began recording various cover versions of traditional folk songs with his teacher and mentor, which made their way to audiences all over the world with the help of social networks.

Ajdin’s first public recordings of traditional Bosnian-Herzegovinian sevdalinka and the traditional Macedonian song “Jano mori” reached over 1 million views on social media in just two months.

His fine, unusually sonorous and unique voice, full of emotion, literally hypnotises listeners. This is why he is being touted as the successor to the late Safet Isović in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The interest in Ajdin’s singing has led to live performances on almost all television channels in the country (BHRT, FTV, NOVA TV, HAYAT TV, O KANAL, N1 BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA, RTVTK-a, TVSA), as well as the national media channels in Macedonia /TV TELMA, SITEL TV, KANAL 5/ and Serbia (TVCENTAR).

Ajdin had his first solo concert at the age of 11 in Macedonia (Kriva Palanka), where he performed Sevdalinka songs and traditional Macedonian songs.

Known as the “Golden Chalice”, he was compared in Macedonia to the late Toše Proeski. His second public appearance was again in Macedonia (Štip). The concert motto “Music without borders” aimed to send out the message that music knows no borders with Ajdin and his friends Lina and Dragan singing traditional folk songs from Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After Macedonia, Ajdin’s musical path led him to Serbia (Svilajnac), where he sang the most beautiful traditional folk songs of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, accompanied by his music teacher and on the occasion of the birthday celebrations of the town of Svilajnac.

Ajdin Osmanović will give his first solo concert in Bosnia-Herzegovina on 16 November 2023 at the BKC Tuzla. The large hall in the BKC Tuzla was filled to the last seat and his style of interpretation left a great impression on the audience in Tuzla.

23.11. 2023 for the first time in his not too long musical career he has a solo concert in front of his home audience in the royal city of Srebrenik.

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