Jusuf Brkić

Jusuf Brkić was born in Gradačac in 1992.

He completed elementary school in Gradačac and then went to Behram-Beg’s Medresa in Tuzla.

As a boy, he gets a music instrument called “Saz” from his parents as a gift, and at twelve years old he becomes a student of one of Sevdah and Saz’s most important masters Dr. Hašim Muharemovic. At an early age, he starts to perform at festivals in BiH and abroad. He appears in the award-winning film “Sevdah” directed by Marine Andree-Škop 2009.

Since 2013 he has worked with Lalo Rašcic on the performance of the “Ukleta Brana” for which he writes music. He appeared at festivals in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Bern, and Paris. In the same year, Jusuf also performed in the program called Sevdah Pogon at the Sarajevo War Theater, along with other young Sevdah performers.

With Damir Imamović in 2015, he plays the music for the play “Teferič”, by Aleša Kurta.

The uniqueness of Jusuf’s vision of the Saz instrument is reflected in his artistic approach that Dr. Hashim Muharemovic (physician and Saz player, but also a painter) has implanted in him. His Saz playing style is characterized by an expressive rhythm and a sense of improvisation.
This enabled him to bring together the music of Saz together with other instruments.

In 2016 he released his first CD “The House of Saz”.

Jusuf lives in Sarajevo today.

He is a graduate of the College of Law in Sarajevo and regularly performs his music.



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