Nejra Brka

Nejra Brka is a young Bosnian-Herzegovinian interpreter of sevdalinka and pop music.

She was born in 2004 in Tešanj, within a family that appreciates beautiful music. In 2012 she became an active member of the “Tešanj Youth Ensemble” association and in the meantime, she became the first female soloist and one of the most presentable members. As a vocal soloist, she learned from the best experts of vocal technique in Bosnia: Prof. Gordana Topić, Prof. Lejla Teskeredžić, Ljubica Berak, Igor Vukojević, Nasko Budimlić.

In the competition “Prvi glas sevdaha” (The First Voice of Sevdah) in 2014, she won the first place in her age group and was considered the new hope of Sevdah.

In 2015 she will record her first audio material under the title “Budite mi svi veseli” (Be Happy to Me All), with nine Sevdalinka and songs in the spirit of Sevdah. The reviewers of this project are well-known experts from the field of Bosnia-Herzegovina folk music: Vehid Gunić, Enver Šadinlija, Ljubica Berak, Damir Galijašević, as well as the chronicler and publicist Husein Galijašević from Tešanj.

She participated in all important events concerning Sevdalinka in Bosnia and the region.

Currently, she lives in Munich and continues her education there.


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