Prof. Dr. Semir Vranić

Semir Vranić was born in 1974 in Trebinje, where he finished primary school and partly secondary school. After the beginning of the aggression and the war against Bosnia-Herzegovina he fled to Denmark, continued his secondary school there and studied economics for one year. Meanwhile, he learned the Danish language and improved his English. In 1997 he returned to Bosnia and enrolled at the University of Medicine, where he graduated in 2004. From 2005 he was a medical candidate at the Sarajevo Clinical Centre and from 2006 he was an employee of the Institute of Pathology at the Sarajevo Clinical Centre. From the school year 2006/2007, he was a doctoral student at the Medical University in Zagreb. During and after his studies he took part in several international congresses and training worldwide (Zagreb, Vienna, Berlin, Groningen, Paris, Opatija), most recently at the “26th Congress of the International Academy of Pathology”, which was held in Montreal, Canada in September 2006.

He is one of those passionate lovers of our traditional song, the Sevdalinka, who collects its lyrics. 

He began his intensive collecting activities in Denmark in the summer of 1993. From 1995 he lived in Copenhagen. The Danish Royal Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek) keeps thousands of books about and from Bosnia. Among them is also a valuable collection of Bosnian (and generally South Slavic) oral poetry. He took very considerable knowledge from this treasure. There you will find numerous references which are de facto not accessible in Bosnia! In his archive, there are over 4000 different Sevdalinka texts (collected from over 500 references) and over 4500 phonographic records. The sources are numerous and wide-ranging, including many people worldwide: from Finnish ethnomusicologist Risto Pekka Pennanena (Tampere, Finska), to Aida Vidan (Harvard, USA), the important Basque from Spain Julio Pinel Garate, Ivan Mamula (Valjevo, Serbia), the renowned music critic Ognjen Tvrtković, who lives alternately in Sarajevo and London, Prof. Dr. G. B., the author of the book, and the author of the most important works in the world. Dr. Rašid Durić (Bochum, Germany), up to the Professor Dr. Munib Maglajlić and the honoured Mag. Mirsad Kunić, which holds at present a scholarship holder of the Fulbright donation at the Harvard. There are also numerous passionate collectors from all over Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Semir Vranić regularly publishes his intensive research on Sevdalinka on his website


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