Vehid Gunić

Vehid Gunić was born on 09 Feb 1941 in Kozarac. For many years he was a journalist, presenter and editor at Sarajevo Radio and Bosnia-Herzegovina Radio. He was one of the most popular Bosnian-Herzegovinian journalists. At Sarajevo Radio he went through all phases of journalistic activities. He was responsible for radio and television news, year after year, night after night. In the second program of TV Sarajevo he was responsible for the information program STUDIO 2, was reporter, presenter and editor of the then cult series ZNANJE – IMANJE. During the war, until his own family tragedy, he was editor and presenter of the OPEN PROGRAM TV BIH.
After the aggression on Bosnia, he produced and realized two major episodes of the travel programs RODNA BOSNO, DALEKO ODOSMO and IZ BISAGA VEHIDA GUNIĆA. Nevertheless, he was remembered by the TV viewers of the former state, especially from Bosnia-Herzegovina, for the cult series MERAKLIJE, which, according to a survey conducted by the Center for the Determination of Audience Ratings shortly before the war, had even more viewers than the TV News. Until 2008, he produced and hosted 80 episodes of “MERAKLIJE”, including pre-war programs, thus saving many traditional folk songs from oblivion. He recorded most of the songs performed in “Meraklije” in his book – Anthology of Sevdalinka. Vehid Gunić published numerous books about historical treatises, travelogues, interviews, documentary literature, as well as books about Sevdalinka, including commentaries. Among his most important works is the book of the best Bosnian idioms “Na nebu paučina” (Cobwebs in the Sky).
There is also the war diary from Sarajevo “Evropo, stidi se” (Europe, be ashamed) (four editions), as well as the anthological selection of the Sevdalinka songs with comments, “Meraklije”, “Meraklije I”, “Meraklije 11”, “Sevdalinke 1 und 2”, “Sevdalinke o gradovima”, “Sarajevo divno mjesto” i “Najbolje sevdalinke” …

He died on 29 Apr 2017 in Sarajevo.

Najbolje sevdalinke (The best sevdalinka)




The book NAJBOLJE SEVDALINKE is the most complete anthological selection of Bosnian lyrical urban songs to date.  Also in this book, I claim that it was easier to grow up with Sevdalinka. One of the most beautiful confirmations of my efforts to preserve the original value of Sevdalinka was given to me by the renowned Bosnian-Herzegovinian intellectual Prof. Dr. Fatima Lačević …that I certainly had long been entitled to the name that should be mentioned – poet of poetry.

Prof. Dr. Lamija Hadžiosmanović thinks that I …with special sensitivity and a strong urge for beauty and beauty felt the poetic power of Sevdalinka, the song unique in the world…

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