Hašim Muharemović


Hasim Muharemovic

Prim. Dr. Hašim Muharemović was born on 22 March 1937 in Srebrenik.

In 1971 he obtained his medical diploma in Sarajevo and 1975 he passed the professional examination in Novi Sad. He was a respected member of the Medical Chamber of the Canton of Tuzla and a well-known epidemiologist in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Prim. Dr. Muharemović spent his working time at the Srebrenik Health Centre.

As a versatile person, he grows into an outstanding Saz player, singer, author, painter…and great bohemians.
The reverberation of his well-tuned Saz pours out into the regions of former Yugoslavia, where he was accepted with respect and bid farewell with applause.


There are over 3,000 records of Sevdalinka, which he leaves to the National Archives as enormously important musical material.

He is the author of numerous songs, including the famous “Sa Gradačca, bijele kule” and “O sabahski tihi vjetre…” which have been accepted as traditional songs.

He died on 18 September 2012.

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