Nada Mamula

Nada Mamula (Vukičević), born on 09 January 1927 in Belgrade, was a folk music singer and one of the best Sevdalinka interpreters in Yugoslavia.

After marrying Nikola Mamula, she went to Sarajevo and there, in the heart of Sevdah, she came into contact with Sevdalinka. It is recorded that her first Sevdalinka she sang was the song “Ah, meraka u večeri rane! This was followed by numerous unforgettable interpretations of Sevdah singing, but also of newly composed songs written in the spirit of traditional folk music.

In the archives of Radio Belgrade, Radio Novi Sad and Radio Sarajevo she left over 150 Sevdalinka interpretations, as well as traditional songs from the regions of Serbia. She was one of the most popular singers of the former Yugoslavia.

Throughout her career she has worked with many others, including Vojo Trifunović at Radio Belgrade, the great Vlastimir Pavlović – Carevac (with whom she recorded her first record), with the Tambura orchestras of Jozo Penava and Maksa Popov, with Ismet Alajbegović Šerbo, with Jovica and Ratomir Petković, with Radojka and Tine Živković, with Ljubiša Pavković, and many other well-known musicians.
She can’t cope with the loss of her beloved partner and as a result, suddenly withdraws from public life.

After her husband’s death, she gave a farewell concert at the “Dom mladih” in Sarajevo, appeared at a concert dedicated to Jozo Penava and travelled to Canada for a performance. That’s all she performed!

She died on 11 October 2001 in Belgrade.

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