Zora Dubljević

Zora Dubljević was born on August 7, 1938 in Sarajevo, where she completed primary school, high school and law school at the University of Sarajevo. She had grown fond of Sevdalinka since early childhood, listening to the singing of Fatima Poriječanin (“Ja imadoh pet sinova k’o pet gorskih vila”) as well as other songs she sang after. This was the motive and incentive for her own singing career.

Her love for singing grew more and more, so that she sang on all occasions: in the clique, at school parties and as a high school student in the cultural association “Miljenko Cvitković”, as well as a student in the cultural association “Slobodan Princip Seljo”.

Through her membership in these associations, she continued to educate herself as a singer and formed her voice and repertoire more and more. The association “Slobodan Princip Seljo” was a talent factory of future top Sevdalinka singers.

Beside her, there were also Isović, Jerlagić, Berberović, Polovina, Deović, and others. In 1958 she registered to audition at Radio Sarajevo and was accepted. Her songs and her voice on the radio were immediately recognizable and immediately captured the sympathies of the listeners. In a short time, she became the darling of the audience, an extremely popular and sought-after singer. 

Her popularity grew so that the interest of the “Jugoton” from Zagreb was the logical consequence. The first record was made in cooperation with Ismet Alajbegović – Šerbo, who composed the music for the song “Oj mjeseče bekrijo”, the lyrics were written by Nikola Škrba. This record sold within a short time in the record circulation of over 100,000 copies and secured the first golden record in Bosnia-Herzegovina. With much love and enormous effort, she collected original folk songs, which formed the cornerstone of her repertoire. She carefully selected them, formed them with her voice and her singing. Through her, she was recognized and known and her singing was appreciated beyond all measure.


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