Alma Subašić

Alma Subašić
, born on 30.05.1994, is a Sevdalinka interpreter and has been singing since she was ten years old.

Her father’s accordion and the homely atmosphere in which Alma grew up have shaped her in such a way that at the age of 10 she already interpreted Sevdalinka and other folk songs in a way that made many experts from the music industry advise her to record her first album immediately. Their reasoning was that something so unique should be recorded.
After the festival of pop music in Konjic, at which she won the unanimous victory of both the audience and the professional jury, Alma was invited to audition for the public broadcasting service of Bosnia-Herzegovina and then recorded her first single “Veni moja ljubavi” for radio and television archive. She then finished the album “Pjesme u srcu i duši desetogodišnje djevojčice”, which was later released in three editions.

Her first solo concert followed soon at a charity event in her hometown. There she performed together with a large orchestra and enthused the audience.

This is followed by publications of her own songs, concerts, festival appearances, and high-ranking prize placements.

At Lisinski she sang Sevdalinka for the first time at the age of 12 and since then has traditionally taken part in the concerts “Sevdah at Lisinski”.

She attends both the comprehensive school and the music school at the same time, after which she completes secondary school. As one of the youngest Sevdah interpreters she represented her homeland Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Bosnian tradition and culture together with well-known Sevdah personalities such as Hanka Paldum, Meho Puzić, Zehra Deović, and Beba Selimović through her singing.

She took a considerable number of Sevdalinka songs for the archives of the television and radio stations of Bosnia-Herzegovina. She sang in numerous concert halls: Benaroya Hall Seattle, USA, Beethoven Hall Stuttgart, Ataturk Hall Istanbul, Cultural Center Toronto, Canada, Sava Centar Belgrade, Dom Sindikata Belgrade, Volkstheater Sarajevo.
She is the winner of the BiH Oscar for Discovery of the Year and Best Debutant at the Ilidza Festival.

She represented the Bosnian Sevdah and tradition worldwide (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Canada, USA). Many say that her voice touches them like nothing else could.

Alma is now 25 years old (2017), recently graduated as a graduate architect and continues her singing and Sevdah cultivation.



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