Damir Galijašević


Damir Galijašević is a young Bosnian-Herzegovinian musician, composer, arranger and producer.

He was born in 1996 in Rijeka, Croatia.

He graduated from comprehensive school and grammar school in Tešanj, where he was brought to with only 40 days of his life.

He studies musicology and ethnomusicology at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. With his orchestra and as an accordion soloist he accompanied all important Sevdalinka performers still active today: Hanka Paldum, Nedžad Salković, Sejo Pitić, Ljubica Berak, Azemina Grbić, Hasiba Agić, Vesna Hadžić, Nusreta Kobić, Zekija Čuturić, Ferid Avdić, Hamid Ragipović Besko, Nedžad Imamović, Arif Alajbegović and many others. Also several popular musicians from Bosnia-Herzegovina: Halid Bešlić, Enes Begović, Nihad Alibegović, Mladen Tomić, Mile Kitić, Mirza Selimović, Denial Ahmetović, Elvira Rahić and others.

As a music writer he achieved remarkable compositions at the Ilidza 2017 cult festival and as an arranger he worked with some of the best contemporary composers in Bosnia. He especially emphasizes the cooperation with Nazif Gljiva, a great hitmaker from Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as with well-known singer-songwriters Enver Šadinlija, Hasib Durmišević and others.

In the field of Sevdalinka care and promotion as an immaterial cultural heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina, he achieved remarkable cooperation with some famous personalities who are no longer among us: Vehid Gunić, Zehra Deović, Omer Pobrić, Muhamed Mujkanović and others. He is the winner of the prestigious musical award BH Musik Oskar in the category “best young musician BiH 2017″‘, as well as a dozen certificates, awards and prizes.

He is the founder and long-time artistic director of the Tešanj Youth Ensemble Association, a board member of the Association of Musical Interpreters of Sarajevo Canton and a permanent member of the AMUS Association of Composers / Musical Creators.

Also participants of all important festivals in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ilidža, Bihać, Velika Kladuša, Vranduk, nights of Baščaršija, Sarajevo Winter, “Sevdalinka, I carry you in my heart” in Tuzla.

He lives and works in Sarajevo and Tešanj.



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