Nedžad Salković

Nedžad Salković, born on 6 January 1941 to mother Sahba and father Zaim.
At the age of just 18, he made his first public appearance on what was then Radio Tuzla with the song “Omer beže”.
From then on, his rise to the top of the Yugoslav music scene began.

In April 1962, accompanied by the National Orchestra conducted by Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac, he passed the extraordinary audition in front of a demanding commission and then became a vocal soloist at Radio TV Belgrade, later also at Radio Sarajevo.
Decades have passed since then, so that Nedžad Salković has been a vocal soloist at Radio TV Belgrade for almost 57 years, and has had an exclusive contract with the record production company PGP RTB for almost as long.

In April 2021, the great artist and, above all, a very special man celebrated his 63rd anniversary of active and professional work on the Bosnian sevdalinka, which he made famous all over the world. He used to say that Sevdalinka was the only non-ageing lady and his best friend. With full justification he belongs to the crème de la crème of sevdalinka interpreters.

So an incredible 63 years of a successful and dazzling career. This is Nedžad Salković – the prince of Bosnian Sevdalinka, as his colleagues in the music industry called him because of his elegance, charming appearance, fine manner on stage and TV cameras.

“Through this work, one is exposed to various challenges and vices in life. It is due to my firm character, self-control, indomitability and perseverance that I managed to keep these ugly things away from me.”

With his singing, Nedžad Salković refreshes and caresses his listeners and always manages to transfer his emotions to the audience, which is very demanding. Thus, companion Muhamed Smajlović once said to him: ” Nedžad, if I were a painter, I would paint your voice and your singing”.

Nedžad is an honest, reliable and sociable person, but above all an absolute professional. He carried the beauty of the Bosnian Sevdalinka out into the world.

He has recorded over 70 records and countless audio and video cassettes, CDs and TV programs. He is the winner of over 30 festival awards. Often he has been voted singer and personality of the year in various media. In the course of his artistic career, he has been awarded several prestigious art prizes:

– Winner of numerous silver, platinum and diamond trophies.
– Music Prize of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1980.
– Music Prize of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia (highest artistic award), 1986.
– Academic Degree, European Academy, Arts Sector, 2016.
– October Plaque of the City of Tuzla, 1982. and 1999.
– Order of Fraternity and Unity with gold wreath, 1987.
– BH Music Oscar for the year 2007.
– Special award for care and preservation of the sevdalinka, Festival Ilidža, 2017.
– Plaque for lifetime achievement – Association of Singers and Musicians Sarajevo, 2018.
– Plaque for lifetime achievement – Sevdah Art House Sarajevo, 2018.

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