"Sevdalinka is our song about us."

Omer Pobrić
Love, caress, enthusiasm, burning desire, heartache, sighing… this is Sevdah and Sevdalinka.

Hanka Paldum

Sevdalinka is a unique musical and poetic form whose beauty and quality are not questioned and these are the main references that guarantee its consistency.

Prof. Dr. Semir Vranić

Conciseness and power of expression are the characteristics of oral poetry in general, including Sevdalinka.

Prof. Dr. Munib Maglajlić

Sevdalinka is the true Bosnian philosophy in verse form.
Sevdalinka and Bosnia are identical terms.

Prof. Dr. sci. Esad Bajtal

In Sevdah, it’s important to find your own way. But if you take Sevdah out and think that there is nothing new or important to say in it, then you are dead in the first place.

Damir Imamović

Sevdah kisses you, Sevdah holds you tight, Sevdah won’t let you go, Sevdah hurts!

Božo Vrećo

Sevdah is the true, best story about Bosnia!

Amira Medunjanin

“Sevdalinka will perhaps not be preserved as a musical good, but as a lyrical, poetic and literary good it will remain for all time, since world literature knows no poems like ‘Hasanaginica’ or ‘Omer i Merima’.

Vehid Gunić

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